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A collaborative, school-based team needs to determine if the student can gain information from standard print-based instructional materials used across the curriculum by all students or if the student needs the materials in a specialized format. These collaborative teams may include:

  • Individual Education Program (IEP) team
  • Individual and Family Support Plan (IFSP) team
  • Planning and Placement team (PPT)
  • Section 504 team
  • Scientifically Research Based Intervention (SRBI) team

To assist these teams in determining AEM needs of a student, the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials has created The AEM Navigator. This online tool is a process facilitator that guides the work of a collaborative team as they work through the AEM-related needs of individual students. It is not a screening or diagnostic tool. The Navigator consists of a series of guiding questions to assist teams with decision-making about need, selection, acquisition, and use of accessible educational materials. Learning supports for completing each decision-making step are available throughout. View The AEM Navigator

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